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Будьте внимательны! Билеты на турнир можно приобрести только на официальном сайте турнира и у официального билетного оператора Parter. Оргкомитет турнира не несет ответственности за билеты, приобретенные в других компаниях и на сторонних ресурсах!

Irina Viner-Usmanova Gymnastics Palace

central court stands layout

On our site you can buy tickets without a service charge. Tickets price Tribune layout

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Любимый клиент ВТБ

22 сентября – 23 октября

Скидка для владельцев банковских карт ВТБ)

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Социальная карта ВТБ

22 сентября – 23 октября

Скидка для владельцев социальных карт ВТБ

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E-mail: ticket department:

The ticket is valid during the whole day (including all matches). It is necessary to scan a code of the ticket at the turnstile to leave the stadium if you plan to return to the event on the same day.

Schedule of the Tournament

Where to buy tickets?

Buy tickets on our website

Buy tickets on our website

Сall-center of online booking service: +7 (495) 258-0000 or

1The access to the stadium for those who have tickets is only possible if there is a QR-code issued only by Russian authorities and confirming the passage of vaccination against COVID-19 or passed illness during the last 6 months.1

2A QR-code is not required for children under 18 years old. A QR-code obtained by the results of the PCR test does not give the right of passage to the stadiums

3You should have a passport and a document confirming the age of the child.

4Please give back to the court the ball which is out to the spectators during the game.

5During the game it is forbidden to use mobile phones with sound signals, cameras with flash, professional videos and cameras (focal length more than 300 mm).

6The visitors of the event are obliged to observe behavior rules during the visit of the mass events.

7The visitors are obliged to keep the ticket till the end of the event and to show it on request of the officials.

8Managements of the Tournament and Ice Palace "Krylatskoe" are not responsible for the tickets bought in unstated places.

9The owner of the ticket will assume all the risks associated with attending the event.

10It is strictly forbidden: to bring the weapon, explosive and large-sized subjects, to resell the tickets, to smoke in the foyer and in the tribunes, to bring to the tribunes the glass bottles, cans and alcoholic drinks, organize different advertising and political actions, to distribute and sell the products, advertising-souvenir of political or religious nature (including posters, leaflets, booklets, brandname clothing, caps, etc.) and also to make any actions disturbing other spectators and carrying out the event.

11It is forbidden to use laptops in the tribunes and in the arena.

12Photos, audio and video records, made by spectators during the event, cannot be used for sale, publications in mass media and the Internet and other ways of commercial distribution.

13The Organizers reserve the right to make photos and video of the stadium, spectators and participants of the Tournament with further event promotion with the received materials.

14Spectators admission to the stadium begins no later than for an hour till the beginning of matches specified on the front side of the ticket.

15It is necessary to scan a code of the ticket at the turnstile to leave the stadium if you plan to return to the event on the same day. Repeated entry to the stadium with the not-scanned ticket will be not possible, and any claims will not be considered for violators of this rule.

16No ticket holder may continually collect, disseminate, transmit, publish or release from the tribunes any match scores or related statistical data during match play (from the beginning of a match to its conclusion) for any commercial or gambling purposes. The Organizers of the Tournament have the right to remove violators of this rule from the stadium and to cancel the ticket without compensation of its cost.

17The ticket is printed on a thermo cardboard; its heating brings to ticket damage.

18The ticket cannot be exchanged in case of loss or damage.

19The ticket can be returned only in case of cancellation or transferring of the Tournament. Violators of the established rules will be removed the stadium without compensation of the cost of their ticket.

20During the match it is not accepted to move in the tribunes, to shout and use different sound effects.

21To move in the tribunes is permitted only when the players change the court parties.

22It is not accepted to shout and applaud after a mistake on the first serve.